This is where you can find the resources aimed at mountain walkers and scramblers. So whether you are going to ascend Snowdon for the first time as a charity fundraising event or you are a seasoned mountain scrambler looking for some inspiration or top tips we hope to have something for everyone here as we develop the site further.

Mountain Instructional Articles

Below is a list of instructional articles we have for mountain scrambling and walk in both summer and winter.


Traversing Crib Coch in full winter conditions on a rare still and sunny day.

This is a short article on the human factors that often surround avalanches both in the UK and abroad. There is arguably as much a psychoanalytical science as there is probing the snow when it comes to avalanches.

A Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Snowdon

Sir Chris Bennington holds the Olympic Torch high on the Summit of Snowdon.

Our highly popular article on climbing Snowdon for Beginners has had a little makeover. It still has the same basic facts and is a great starting place for planning you ascent.

Snowdonia Mountains and Routes

A selection of the best mountains and route in Snowdonia, North Wales. 


Snowdon on a fine spring day with a slight inversion far below.
Snowdon is the jewel in the crown of mountains in Snowdonia, hundreds of thousands of people flock to ascend this amazing mountain every year. Find out what marks Snowdon so special.