About Snowdonia Mountain Guides


Welcome to Snowdonia Mountain Guides we have lived and breathed rock climbing and mountaineering in Snowdonia for the last twenty years. It is the last thing we think about and night and the first thing that crosses our minds when we wake up. We have lived what can only be descibed as a dream lifestyle where the mountains and adventure are right on our doorstep and in doing so have come to know mountains and cliffs of North Wales intimately. What we offer isn’t just a course in how to climb, navigate or ascend a mountain, instead we offer something more, an adventure into the unknown.

Our guides are among the best there are in North Wales and our head coach prides himself on getting to know his clients, their abilities and what they want to achieve. In doing so it enables us to handpick routes to take you to your mental and physical limits under the watchful eye of our coaches and guides, and in the process give you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. We don’t sell holidays, we sell mountain experiences.

We believe that by offering these experience you might be able to feel something like this quote below from the foreword to Annapurna (1953).

“In overstepping our limitations, in touching the extreme boundaries of man’s world, we have come to know something of its true splendor. In my worst moments of anguish I seemed to discover the deep significance of existence of which till then I had been unaware. I saw it was better to be true than to be strong. The marks of the ordeal are apparent on my body. I was saved and I have won my freedom. The freedom, which I shall never lose, has given me the assurance and serenity of a man who has fulfilled himself. It has giving me the rare joy of loving that which I used to despise. A new and splendid live has opened out before me.”

Mark Reeves enjoying coaching in Frey, Argentina


Above anything else Mark is a rock climber and adventurer, in following his dream to climb as much as possible led Mark to a career in the Climbing industry. This includes work as an author, photographer and climbing coach. He currently holds the following qualifications and professional development in climbing, mountaineering and coaching:

  • Mountaineering Instructor Award,
  • Winter Mountain Leader Certificate,
  • Summer Mountain Leader Certificate,
  • Single Pitch Award,
  • BMC FUNdamentals 1 workshop,
  • BMC FUNdamentals 2 workshop: Learning to Train,
  • PYB: Coaching Processes for Climbers
  • MSc Applied Sports Science – Effective Coaching, Sport Psychology and Performance Physiology,


Mark has pulled together all that he has learnt in both a practical sense from over 15 years experience teaching climbing and mountaineering in conjunction with his academic studies for his Master’s Degree, by writing several books, articles and reports on rock climbing and mountaineering. Producing a diverse range of books from coaching manuals, guidebooks and a look at the history, technology and culture of rock climbing. Mark is currently the coaching columnist for Climber Magazine.


First and foremost, Mark uses a coaching process that is aimed at you developing and learning the skills you need to perform to a higher standard, whether it be rock climbing, bouldering or navigating through the mountains.

Secondly, Mark’s experience teaching climbing, means that he has a wealth of experience and teaching knowledge that will help anyone to improve. Above all, Mark has a ethos in his teaching that you should be having fun as well as learning. So why not sign up for a course today, and come and enjoy the best mountains and cliffs in the UK.