Antarctic Field Guide for BAS

Antarctic Field Guide for BAS

So just  in case you haven’t read the into on the home page I have been down in Antarctica, working as a Field Guide for the British Antarctic Survey. The time has flown by and I an hoping to return to the UK in early June. Where upon I will be taking my time to enjoy what I can of the great British Summer. I have already booked some time off for my own holidays after working for 8 months solidly down here. With the last 2 months lead 5 day winter trips for the over winterers, essentially taking people on a camping holiday in Antarctica, which is just an incredible opportunity.

As a result I am not looking to take on board too much work in the initial few months I am back, as currently if the plan goes well, I will be heading back south next autumn too. However at the moment I am still awaiting confirmation and a contract. This means I have essentially ramp up my prices, so those who are really keen can book, but in essence I am looking to reduce the work I do for the time being, so I can enjoy some time for me.

My current plan is to spend sometime in the Lake District and maybe scotland as well as my home of North Wales. With the idea to just have soime really pleasant days out on more unfamiliar territory.

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