Mark Reeves enjoying a day out at the Cromlech

Welcome to Snowdonia Mountain Guides

We have lived and breathed rock climbing and mountaineering in Snowdonia for the last twenty-five years. It is the last thing we think about at night and the first thing that crosses our minds when we wake up. We have lived what can only be described as a dream lifestyle where the mountains and adventure are right on our doorstep. In doing so have come to know mountains and cliffs of North Wales intimately. What we offer isn’t just a course in how to climb, navigate or ascend a mountain, instead we offer something more. An adventure into the unknown.

An experience that we hope will help define you and your future enjoyment of the mountains of Wales and beyond. We handpick routes to take you to your mental and physical limits under the watchful eye of our coaches and guides. In the process, we will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. We don’t sell holidays, we sell mountain adventures.

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Slate Historical Section

Perfect Autumnal light on the Rainbow Slab, the climber is on Red and Yellow....

So during the making of the slate guide we didn’t make the usual historical section. However prior to covid I started interviewing old flatheads for a film project that I have since stop due to covid and never gotten back to. However I did re-write the historical section based on those interviews, some of which contradict the stories previously given. I have added a copy here for people to read.