Mark Reeves enjoying a day out at the Cromlech

Welcome to Snowdonia Mountain Guides we have lived and breathed rock climbing and mountaineering in Snowdonia for the last twenty-five years. It is the last thing we think about at night and the first thing that crosses our minds when we wake up. We have lived what can only be described as a dream lifestyle where the mountains and adventure are right on our doorstep. In doing so have come to know mountains and cliffs of North Wales intimately. What we offer isn’t just a course in how to climb, navigate or ascend a mountain, instead we offer something more. An adventure into the unknown.

An experience that we hope will help define you and your future enjoyment of the mountains of Wales and beyond. We handpick routes to take you to your mental and physical limits under the watchful eye of our coaches and guides. In the process, we will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. We don’t sell holidays, we sell mountain adventures.

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Scrambling the Knife Edge: Crib Goch and the Snowdon Horseshoe

Photo shoot for Mammut on Crib Moch.

Join scrambler, Mark Reeves, as he takes a break from guiding tourists to reconnect with the mountains and savour the circular route of the Snowdon Horseshoe. Images by Eilir Davies-Highes.

The Snowdon Horseshoe is one of the most sought after Grade 1 scrambles in the UK, both long and sustained, the route offers some of the most exposed scrambling in the British Isles along the mind-blowing knife-edge ridge of Crib Goch. It is one of my favourite mountain routes, which I get to share with many people in the course of my work. 

The path rises gently at first allowing you to ease into the day, however it soon rears up into a long flight of steps. It is here we meet the typical log jam on the PYG track, as a team of 30 plus guided walkers are brought to a near stop by the effort of this first steep section; the reality of climbing the highest mountain in England and Wales starts to dawn on them, and they are barely 500m from the car park.

Making our way through the congestion and up to Bwlch Y Moch we pass another large group of walkers who are also catching their breath. Here our route diverts away from the hustle and bustle of the PYG track and heads up and right towards the base of the East Ridge of Crib Goch. 

As we head up from the col the alpine grandeur of the mountains start to hit you, with views out across Llyn Llydaw to Lliwedd and Snowdon. Above us rises the triangular buttress of the East Ridge of Crib Goch; for most people the trepidation of heading up here will build with each approaching step. Having done the route many times before I am just filled with excitement, because for me, this is where the fun begins as we start…

Continue the ascension and read the full article on the Mammut website: https://www.mammut.com/uk/en/stories/crib-goch-and-the-snowdon-horseshoe-scrambling-the-knife-edge/



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