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Welcome to Snowdonia Mountain Guides we have lived and breathed rock climbing and mountaineering in Snowdonia for the last twenty-five years. It is the last thing we think about at night and the first thing that crosses our minds when we wake up. We have lived what can only be described as a dream lifestyle where the mountains and adventure are right on our doorstep. In doing so have come to know mountains and cliffs of North Wales intimately. What we offer isn’t just a course in how to climb, navigate or ascend a mountain, instead we offer something more. An adventure into the unknown.

An experience that we hope will help define you and your future enjoyment of the mountains of Wales and beyond. We handpick routes to take you to your mental and physical limits under the watchful eye of our coaches and guides. In the process, we will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. We don’t sell holidays, we sell mountain adventures.

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New Slate Guide and the White Cliff Imminent

Rainwall Overview from the fourth coming Slate by Rockfax

So for the last, 8 months I have been working on the latest Rockfax guidebook to climbing in the Slate Quarries around Llanberis. It has been a great opportunity to highlight some of the great new and classic routes in teh quarries, by developing a definitive guidebook to an area I fell in love with the first time I climbed there back in 1994. Ever since I have been drawn back time and again with friends and clients to explore the area and climb so many routes.

The last guide by Ground Up was a great book, with excellent historical articles, we could and would never be able to capture that, so instead focused on the visuals for the book we are producing. I have been going through some of the final PDFs before the book heads off to the printer. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this book and it would not have been possible without the amazing team at Rockfax and all the people I have ever shared a rope or a chat with about climbing in the quarries.

Check out Rockfax or UKClimbing to get a pre-order in for the august release date. 

The Slate guide from Rockfax, written by SMG owner Mark Reeves and the Rockfax team.
The Slate guide from Rockfax, written by SMG owner Mark Reeves and the Rockfax team.

I was also involved with another new book due for release in August, The White Cliff is edited by Grant Farquar, who has brought together over 100 climbers who have a love for all thing Gogarth and put together a collection of their writing on climbing at this great cliff. I can’t wait to get my copy and whilst it is going to be a rather niche book, the fact that so many people have been involved will mean there will probably be some amazing stories.

I wrote about how climbing at gogarth is a ying to my yang, helping to lift my spirits when I am down and re-focus my energies ina  more positive way. It is one of the most personal pieces of writing I have every dare write. I am filled again with a little dread as to how people will view it and mne once they read it. A proofreader did contact me and say it was a powerful piece. He probably doesn’t know it but it meant a lot to me to hear that, as I was aiming for some kind of reaction as I wrote it. 

The book will be available from cordee in august as well.

The White Cliff - A book about the climbing at Gogarth, with a contribution by SMG Owner Mark Reeves
The White Cliff – A book about the climbing at Gogarth, with a contribution by SMG Owner Mark Reeves

Both of these publications come at a time, when I am for a short period looking at focusing more on my writing, not because I don’t love the work I do here with my clients at Snowdonia Mountain Guides, but more just an exploration of something a little different for a short time. 


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