Mark Reeves enjoying a day out at the Cromlech

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We have lived and breathed rock climbing and mountaineering in Snowdonia for the last twenty-five years. It is the last thing we think about at night and the first thing that crosses our minds when we wake up. We have lived what can only be described as a dream lifestyle where the mountains and adventure are right on our doorstep. In doing so have come to know mountains and cliffs of North Wales intimately. What we offer isn’t just a course in how to climb, navigate or ascend a mountain, instead we offer something more. An adventure into the unknown.

An experience that we hope will help define you and your future enjoyment of the mountains of Wales and beyond. We handpick routes to take you to your mental and physical limits under the watchful eye of our coaches and guides. In the process, we will give you one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. We don’t sell holidays, we sell mountain adventures.

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Snowdonia: Mountain Walks and Scrambles – by Mark Reeves  & Rockfax

The Latest book from Snowdonia Mountain Guides owner on mountain walks and scrambles in Snowdonia.

I actually can’t remember when I started working on this latest project, I know the idea was muted after I wrote North Wales Climbs, and kind of put on a back burner. However, over the last two years, the work has picked up with me heading out to check a few of the routes I had yet climbed. Then at the start of this year, we started the finishing process in earnest. 

This last phase was of course not helped by various lockdowns, however having done most of the work before the lockdown, it allowed me to focus on checking what we had. So I sent the draft to a few of my mountain instructor colleagues who helped out, there are so many names that I hope all appear in the acknowledgements of the book. However, the time in lockdown also allowed me to upskill with QGIS and open source mapping data, which meant we could use Ordnance Survey data to make maps, well as accurate as 1:50000 landranger maps. but upscaled to around 1:25000. Again I did get some help from the parent of a young lad who a few years ago I used to coach, Liz runs Snowdonia Classic Campervans.

That time away from the hills also allowed me to get a few more photographers on board with the project. I really love getting other photographers images in the books I have published, as whilst I do like my own images, to a certain extent I am aware that I have a preferred style of image, and actually what makes a book great is a variety of image styles. As such getting Eilir, Jethro, Rob and Karl amongst a long list of other instructors and hill goers who have managed to capture some really incredible moments in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Then when the mountains reopened I then headed back out to get the few extra topos shots that have really bought this book together. This all has resulted in is a book that I feel captures a real spirit of Snowdonia. I really hope that you enjoy the book, in fact, I am sure you will. Because from a personal perspective, looking through the book as we put the finishing touches to it, I really felt that the book was a total game-changer to the genre of walking and scrambling guidebooks. With so many dedicated images to get the best angle for topos, overview shots that arguably have their origins in the old constable guides, but combined with modern layout and of course mapping that is based on OS. 

There is a taster of the book over on UKClimbing.com.