App-guide to Spanish Rock Climbing

App-guide to Spanish Rock Climbing

So over the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to climb across Spain as part of my job. As I do this I like to really get to know an area and as I do I collect data and images in order to make app-guide to Spanish Rock Climbing areas in particular to some lesser know rock climbing destinations. Two of these locations are where we base some of our hot rock climbing courses, so from today you can get mini-guides to Chodes and Madrid.

If you like to see some more photos then why not have a look at our hot rock courses destinations and see what you think. Chodes is an awesome venue for the 6th grade climber whilst Madrid offers both some awesome 6th grade sport and some lesser more run-out granite slab climbing.

The guys at rock fax also have a bunch of mini-guides to a variety of climbing areas across Spain and the rest of Europe.


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