Winter In Costa Blanca

Winter In Costa Blanca

So last year I decided to spend the following winter in Spain. Mainly because I love it here and it allows me to focus on my passion for rock climbing. As depsite the winter qualifications I possess I much prefer rock climbing. I also reach an opinion a few years ago that global warming had all but killed off winter climbing in North Wales save for the 1 in 5 years that it is good.

So instead I have packed up an headed out to spain with my partner Lynne to spend the autumn getting a tan and toned. Ready for some harder redpointing later in the session. As such the first few weeks has been trying to climb up to 6c/7a everyday I climb. Which is almost everyday, although I have had a couple of nice days off.

I also did some coaching over here which was great fun. Although I was hoping to do more but a last minute change of plans meant I had to miss a couple of weeks work. Never mind. All the more fun climbing!

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