Walking Courses

Walking Courses

Although based in the heart of North Wales and Snowdonia which is famous for its rugged mountain range, we are massive fans of the hill and coastal walking both inside and outside the National Park. As such we offer three levels of walking holiday to suit your needs.

  1. Easy  – Coastal and Short walk up to 4 hours long with cafe stops.
  2. Moderate – Easy Hill walking up to 5 hours with cafe stops, may include an ascent of Snowdon.
  3. Hard – General Hill walking and easy mountain walks, an ascent of Snowdon included.

These courses were designed to give people a more relaxed option than a weeks mountain walking course which is often quite arduous and quite often not what people expect if they come from a lowland walking background. As such we have added these fantastic lowland walking holidays to help you enjoy the amazing Snowdonia National Park and beyond, as often the rain can be falling in the mountains but 30 minutes drive away at the coast we can find amazing walks and sunshine.

Snowdon Walks and Charity Challenges

Are you about to climb England and Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon? Not sure what it will take to succeed? Maybe our guides can help you reach the summit safely with our guided Snowdon walks.

Classic Walks in Snowdonia

If you enjoy hill and mountain walking and would like to be introduced to the fabulous opportunities around North Wales then we offer a guided classic walks in Snowdonia course. Whether it is a few hours gentle stroll between cafes or an all-day mountain challenge, we have it all.  

Mountain Skills

Do you want to gain the mountain skills necessary to enjoy all the mountains have to offer in Summer conditions? Then our summer mountain and hill skills course are ideal.  

Hill and Coastal Walks in North Wales

Do you want a lovely week strolling through some of the most beautiful countrysides without too much in the way of steep up hills? If so we offer this amazing course that sees you walking a mixture of low level and easy walks in the hills and on the amazing coast of Wales.