Winter Skills Courses

Winter hillwalking and mountaineering are fantastic ways to enjoy the mountains when they are shrouded in snow and ice. Make no mistake though, the challenges that make exploring the mountains in winter so rewarding also make them a much more dangerous place. A simple slope in summer can become a long and dangerous place to be without the right skills. That same slope could also be ready to avalanche. What Snowdonia Mountain Guides offer is several winter courses from basic winter hillwalking skills in both Wales and Scotland through to more advanced mountaineering skills course. On both of these courses we offer training in the following essential winter skills:


  • Fitting Crampons
  • Walking with Crampons
  • Using an ice axe for support
  • Using an ice axe to prevent slipping
  • Using an ice axe to arrest a fall
  • Using an ice axe to cut steps
  • Winter Navigation Skills
  • Avalanche Awareness Training


Dependent on your experience and the conditions the course may also include basic snow belays, ascending easy gullies, descending through cornices and constructing emergency shelters. What we do guarantee is that you’ll find all our courses both challenging, fun and educational. By the end of it, you’ll feel a lot more confident to venture out into the mountains in winter.

Winter Mountain Skills

There is nothing quite like the mountains in winter. So come and experience the stunning winter wonderland in Snowdonia and learn some vital winter skills whilst enjoying classic winter hillwalking routes.

Guided Winter Classics

Has winter just hit North Wales? Need a guide for a last minute winter hit? Then get in contact with us and we will see whether we can find one of our experienced guides to take you up the route of your dreams.