Instructor Training

Snowdonia Mountain Guides is a firm believer in the continuing professional development of both our own instructors and coaches, as well as others. This had led Snowdonia Mountain Guides Head Coach to complete a whole manner of CPD courses including a Masters Degree in Applied Sports science. As such we feel that our CPD courses in coaching and teaching are industry leaders in their field, as no other provider has this combination of practical knowledge gained from years of experience and theoretical knowledge gained through postgraduate level studies.

As well as CPD we offer a series of National Governing Award courses that are the stepping stone to becoming a climbing coach and instructor. As well as offer a pathway to becoming an instructor we also offer mentoring for those already on their way.

Official Association of Mountaineering Instructors Mentoring for the MCI

Mark Reeves is head coach of snowdonia mountain guides is one of the nine Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) recognised mentors for the Mountaineering Instrcutor Award (MIA). He runs a small business in North Wales offering courses in all aspects of the MIA. As such he is offering opptunities for MIA trainees to gain long-term mentorship through the award, to help you pass first time.

Part-time fast track instructor scheme

This fast track instructor scheme that occurs predominantly over long weekends to minimise time off. In essence, we want to give you the chance to develop the skills and gain the mountain based qualifications you will need to start a career in the outdoor and adventure tourism industry.  

Instructor Mentoring Program – ML, SPA & MIA

Currently over 60% of MIA candidates fail one or more days on their assessment. Whilst in other awards the number falls to around 25% getting deferred on one day or more.  Why not do it right first time join us on our instructor mentoring program.

Fast Track Instructor Scheme

We are offering a unique year-long fast track instructor training scheme in rock climbing and mountain leadership, aimed at getting you qualified as a rock climbing instructor/coach and mountain leader. By the end of the course, you will be employable in the field with a who host of personal and professional experience. So don’t waste two more years and thousands of pounds on a degree course, come to us and get qualified and employed.

Rock Climbing Instructor -Training

Formally the Single Pitch Award, or SPA. This revamped award has an extra day on the training and turns you into a rock climbing instructor. We are offering these courses through Paul Poole, who is a Mountain Training Provider for the award (Mountain Training Cymru Provider No. 10003). This is an amazing entry level qualification for climbers wanting to work in the outdoor industry.

SPA Refresher Evening

Planning on attending your Single Pitch Award, but are a little nervous and would like the chance to ask a few questions and have someone check your rigging? The an SPA refresher course will be ideal for you.

Effective Coaching

Do you want to learn about coaching and teach to become a better instructor? If so we offer a one day course in effective coaching.  

Coaching Climbing Movement

This evening workshop looks at how and what to teach when it comes to coaching climbing movement either inside or outside. It is a great way to improve your own technique and learn what to look out for when coaching.