Fixed Gear Report Page

In an effort to highlight some of the work of the North Wales Bolt Fund in the Slate Quarries. We are going to list the checks we have carried out and the actions taken. If there is nothing mentioned in the actions column then feel free to climb the climbs and check the bolts for side to side movement and in/out movement. You can send your reports to me via the email address on the contact page.

Looning the TubeAustraliaBelay is OK. One expansion bolt and one sling round embedded block.
Goose CreatureAustralia
Steps of GloryAustraliaReplaced the lower off with two new resins. Right bolt moved, Not removed or tested.
SodorAustraliaReplaced. One bolt the other bolt held 15kn. Linked with chain.
Gadaffi DuckAustralia
The MallardAustraliaMallard has had a new full resin lower off 3/2014. Bolt pull at 5kn+.
Surprise SurpriseAustraliaResin Bolt added.old equipment removed and new chain linked
Sad Man Who's SaneAustraliaResin Bolt add to lower off
Kinder SurpriseAustraliaResin Bolt added, old equipment removed and new chain linked
U.B.LAustraliaResin Bolt added to lower off
Plastic SoldierAustraliaBelay at top and first five bolts need replacing!!!!!
Orangutang OverhangAustraliaOne bolt removed 5kn, replaced with resin and linked with chain.
Rack and pinAustraliaRack and Pin has had a new Lower off 3/2014. Left hand Bolt pulled at 2kn and right hand bolt 5+kN
The Deceptive DykeAustralia
Ivor the EngineAustraliaReplaced with resin old bolts pulled at 3kn and 5kn.
Maximum TariffAustraliaOne Resin bolt added and chain linked.
Side lineAustraliaReplaced RH bolt with resin anchor. Linked with chain to single point. RH bolt side to side tested in wet 1kn.
GordonAustraliaPulled Both bolt 3.5kn and 5kn. Replaced with resin bolts and linbed with chain
The polar expressAustraliaLeft hand lower off bolt removed(7.5kN+) and replace with resin and chain. Fourth bolt pulled as it was a spinner (7.5kN+) replace with resin.
Clash of the TitansAustralia
'N' GaugeAustraliaLower off replaced with 2 resin anchors and linked with chain to single point. RH Bolt move in and out. LH bolt good. Tested in wet conditions, 1kn, 4kn
Sport 4 AllAustraliaOne Bolt removed (5kn) Replace with resin and linked with chain to single point.
Dried-Mouth Sesame SeedAustralia
The BurningAustralia
Thomas the TankAustraliaTwo expansion bolts have been link with a chain. Both bolts are fine maybe consider retro fittign resin at a later date.
Mad Dog of the WestAustralia
DerailedAustraliaBoth bolt replaced, pull at 1kn and 3kn. Linked with chain.
Cyber World Sl@te HeadsAustraliaReplace one bolt with resin and linked with chain. Other bolt held 14kn and left in place.
The Railway childrenAustralia
Those who climb clearly marked projects...Australia
Turn of the CenturyAustralia
Choo ChooAustralia
Hogwarts ExpressAustralia
Brief EncounterAustralia
Shorty's DynoAustraliaResin Bolt Added, one bolt pulled at 10kn. Linked with chain.
Pruning the Tube/Railtrack AbseilAustraliaResin Bolt belay added, old bolt moved in and out and failed at 4.5kn
Mad on the MetroAustraliaResin Bolt added to lower off
Just for FunAustralia
Dried-Mouth Frog HSAustralia
In Loving MemoryAustralia
Feeling Rusty?Australia
Off the Beaten TrackAustraliaOld Belay bolt removed as it moved in and out (7.5kn) replaced with single resin.There is another bolt there.
A Grand day outAustralia
The Level crossingAustraliaUse other belays that have been replaced
Fool's GoldBus Stop Quarry
EquinoxBus Stop Quarrybelay OK if you use the blocks. one old bolt
SolsticeBus Stop Quarrybelay OK if you use the blocks. one old bolt
Gnat AttackBus Stop QuarryA third bolt added and linked with chain to one of the lower off karabiners.
SeptuagenarianBus Stop QuarryRight Bolt moved. Replaced with resin. Left stud in and linked to new bolt with chain and ring. Also replaced first bolt.
First StopBus Stop QuarryBelay Block has been re-barred to wall behind. Approx length is twoce thickness of the block. One bolt replaced withglu in. Old bolt pulled at 4kn.
MassambulaBus Stop QuarryBelay os OK. Two eco anchors. With not much wear.
Sterling SilverBus Stop QuarryTrad belay
Whizz BangBus Stop Quarry
Comfort ZoneBus Stop QuarryReplaced one bolt with a glu linked with chain. Old bolt pulled at 7kn.
Biggles Flies UndoneBus Stop Quarry
mud slide slim/Ferrero RocheBus Stop Quarry
Scarlet RunnerBus Stop Quarry
The Big EasyBus Stop QuarryReplace on of the wobbly lead bolts with resin. Removed old stud held 10kn.
Jagged FaceBus Stop QuarryRight bolt moved side to side. 12mm was tested and held 12kn and had little movement. Stud was left in place.
JengaBus Stop Quarry
Bish Bash BoschBus Stop Quarry
Bosch Stop QuarryBus Stop Quarry
Mini Bus StopBus Stop Quarry
BeltaneBus Stop Quarry
Geordie War CryBus Stop Quarry
GuillotineBus Stop Quarry
My Hovercraft is full of EelsBus Stop Quarry
Launching PadDali's Hole
ZambesiDali's Hole
Holy, Holy, HolyDali's Hole
Tower of LaughterDali's Hole
Fresh AirNever Never LandOne bolt replaced with resin. Other bolt left in tested to 10km no movement so left stud
Hawk EyeNever Never LandOne Bolt replaced with resin. Other bolt 12mm stud tested to 10kn no movement, left stud in-situ.
362Never Never Land
Tomb RaiderNever Never Land
TitanNever Never Land
Carbon StageNever Never Land
Release the KrakenNever Never Land
ZeusNever Never Land
Watch Me Wallaby Wank, FrankNever Never Land
Khubla KhanNever Never LandOK, Added extra resin bolt 3/2014
PatellaectomyNever Never Land
Short StoriesNever Never LandOK, Added extra resin bolt 3/2014
ScheherezadeNever Never Landresin bolts
Bella Lugosi is DeadRainbow Slab Area
Pull My DaisyRainbow Slab AreaBelay (TRAD)
Horse LatitudesRainbow Slab Area
ColossusRainbow Slab Area
The Horsin' Around FinishRainbow Slab Area
Alive and KickingRainbow Slab Area
Poetry PinkRainbow Slab Area
Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and PurpRainbow Slab AreaNo fixed gear
Ride the Wild SurfRainbow Slab Area
CatrinRainbow Slab Area
German SchoolgirlRainbow Walls
The Mau MauRainbow Walls
Gerbil AbuseRainbow Walls
Taken over by Department 'C'Rainbow Walls
SeamstressSerengetiSpike Belay (TRAD)
Seams the SameSerengetiSpike Belay (TRAD)
Peter PanSerengeti
Slippery PeopleSerengeti
Heading the ShotSerengetiReplaced one bolt for resin. Pulled the other 12mm in damp condition 7kn failure.
Slug Club SpecialSerengetiNot a lower off
Neat AreteSerengeti
Stack of Nudebooks Meets the StickmanSerengetiNot a lower off
The Great CurveSerengeti
Quelle SurpriseSerengeti
Combat RockTwll Mawr
Supermassive Black HoleTwll Mawr
Comes the DervishVivian Quarryresin lower off
Mental LentilsVivian Quarryresin lower off
Last Tango in ParisVivian Quarryresin lower off
PsychotherapyVivian Quarry2nd Bolt moves and needs replacing.
The Monster KittenVivian Quarryresin lower off
Is it a Crime?Vivian Quarry
Never as Good as the First TimeVivian Quarry
Ladder ResistVivian Quarryresin lower off
The MadnessVivian Quarry
Snakes adn LaddersLost WorldsOne of teh abseil bolt by Dinorwig Unconq needs replacing.