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Real Rock for the Indoor Climber

Real Rock for the Indoor Climber

So many climbers are seemingly stuck inside climbing, free yourself from the shackles of the indoor wall, and let a whole new world of rock climbing open up to you. Learn the basic skills to climb outside.

Have you climbed inside and want to venture outside, but don't have the skills neccessary? This course will help bridge the gap by introducing you to single pitch climbing. This two day course will teach you all you need to know to set you up top rope climbs on single ptich crags. These skills include ropework, placing protection, making belays, belaying outside, assessing risk, climbing on real rock and the equipment you will need.

Based in Snowdonia, North Wales you'll see some of the most celebrated cliffs in the UK and see where climbing can take you. From the classic Llanberis Pass to Tremadog and beyond. The first step on that journey could well be this course, but once on the path who knows where you will end up!

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Cost: £300 for 2 day and £600 for 5 days

Duration: 2 and 5 days

Experience: No prior experience required

Dates for 2 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

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