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Learn to Trad Lead

Learn to Trad Lead

If you have dreamt of Trad climbing, but need a helping hand gain the skills required to safely climb and place your own gear, then this course is designed for your needs. We will take you through all the skill you need to be an independent trad climber.

Are you stuck inside or seconding routes and want to learn how to lead climb on trad protection? The world of traditional climbing is a door that can be opened to you if you come on a learn to trad climb course with Snowdonia Mountain Guides. If you don't know your nuts from your cams or a clove hitch from a overhand then it's time you did.

We offer a great introduction to trad lead climbing courses based in Snowdonia that will cover all the skills you need to know to become an independent traditional lead climber. During the course we cover the safe operation and use of all the gear that you are likely to find on a trad rack. The course also covers the ropework you'll need to make a belay and bring up your second in safety. In order to get you from where you are to leading outside we will also cover basic climbing technique, tactics and of course how to get down safely from the top of the crag. All accomplished whilst climbing some of the classic climbing routes that Snowdonia is famous for.

This course is like being handed the keys to a whole new world and life of adventure awaits on the other side. Learning to lead climb safely and in a controlled manner will make the rest of your climbing career a dream.

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Cost: £300 for 2 day and £600 for 5 days

Duration: 2 and 5 days

Experience: Some prior climbing experience

Dates for 2 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

To book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date email us here.
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