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How to Big Wall

How to Big Wall

Ever wonder how people climb a Big Wall, maybe you have dreamt of scaling El Cap but not sure how to go about it. This two day course covers all the basic skills you'll need to make the first steps towards climbing Big Walls.

Over the years Snowdonia Mountain Guides owner Mark Reeves has climbed a few Big Walls in both the USA and Canada. During those trips he learnt the hard way what additional skills that you need to scale the biggest cliff faces the world. What this course offers is a How to Big Wall Climb in a weekend.

The philosophy we have is to take your existing skills as a rock climber and build on them until you have all the necessary skills you will need to climb a big wall. What this course generally entails is one day in a climbing wall, which may seem very odd, but our experience is that an indoor wall allows us change the tasks and skills very quickly, allowing us to cover more of the skills you need. On the second day we head outdoors and let you put the skills we have taught you on day one into practice on real rock.

This course covers the core additional skills you need to know how to do to climb a big wall, including.

  • Leading Skills - Free Climbing vs French Free vs Aid Climbing in ascent
  • Following Skills - Jumaring Fixed Ropes, Jumaring past a deviations and Jumaring across a roof
  • Hauling Skills - 1 to 1, Counter-balance, Pulleys and mechanical advantage.
  • Big Wall Belays
  • Big Wall Ropework
  • Skills for Living in a vertical world

    Cost: £300

    Duration: 2 days

    Experience: Prior trad lead climbing experience

    Dates for 2 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

    to book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date email us here.
    to book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date call us on 01286650217