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Instructor Mentoring

Instructor Mentoring

A unique opportunity to have Snowdonia Mountain Guide head coach mentor you through the mountain training award schemes.

Why come to Snowdonia Mountain Guides for mentorship?

To answer this ask yourself what it is you think an outdoor instructor does and the skills your need to do that job...

As whilst I am sure most people will recite the ML, SPA and MIA syllabus just fine there are other skills beyond those that will turn you from someone who is qualified to someone who can offer more than a lesson is tying knots, making belays or climbing up a rock face. In essence there are skills beyond the remit of the syllabi that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Many people refer to these as soft skills, but make no mistake these are hard skill to develop. As part of helping you reach the requirement for you Nation Governing Body (NGB) awards snowdonia mountain guides focus on developing you as a coach, instructor and a person. So that you can qualify and shine as a well rounded instructor for the moment you start work.

We believe that reaching a technical level to gain the qualification is just the starting block. If you ask other guides and instructors what the trickiest thing they have to deal with when working you can bet that it is not knots or rope systems. Instead it is understanding themselves, their client and managing all this in an appropriate way.

Snowdonia Mountain Guides mentorship programme then then is to focus on you as an individual and help you become a well rounded coach and instructor by delivering these 'extra' skills so you feel confident to go straight out into the real world and succeed in whatever it is you want to.

What are these 'soft skills'?

We like to think of them as human skills, in that if you genuinely care about what you teach and do in the mountains then you can't but deliver effective instruction. We do this by helping you develop:

Emotional Intelligence Decision Making Skill (individual and group) Reflective Practice Coaching and Teaching Skills Common Instructor Problems Dealing with difficult situations Student Centre Teaching Being Human(e)

How does Snowdonia Mountain Guides Mentorship programme work?

We believe in practicing what we preach, in that all our students from those beginning to climb right the way through to the instructors we mentor are all individuals. As such no two paths are the same, but within this there are common themes.

First off we use our lead guide, Mark Reeves who has 20 years instruction and coaching rock climbing experience, an MSc in Applied Sports Science (Effective Coaching, Sports Psychology and Performance Physiology) and a BA(Hons) in Environmental Planning and Management. Mark will contact you to assess and discuss your specific needs. On the back of this he designs a programme that suits both you time and financial constraints to help you fast track yourself to gaining qualification.

We help you focus on these skills by a variety of 1 to 1, group, online and remote contact to help you meet the technical skills of the qualifications and develop those softer skills we have mentioned before.

We mentor any of the mountain based awards from SPA, ML and MIA. The cost can be shared if there are a few of you who want to be mentored.

What other benefits are there?

As part of being on the mentorship scheme there will also be opportunities to shadow Snowdonia Mountain Guides course and we can help you by arranging real students for you to practice your new teaching skills on.

As such he can design short courses and offer email, skype and telephone feedback on your skills and help you focus on the skills you need to become an outdoor instructor.


Cost: £140

Duration: 1 days

Experience: Either trained or assessed CWA, SPA or MIA

Dates for 1 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

To book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date email us here.
...or call us on 01286650217