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Using Indoor Walls to Teach Outdoor Skills

Using Indoor Walls to Teach Outdoor Skills

This course looks at how we can use an indoor climbing in imaginative ways.

We live is a country where it can and nearly always will rain at some point during a climbing course. We can do one of two things the old school way was to zip your jacket up tight and keep your head down and grin and bear it. With the development of indoor walls a newer way of looking at it is to think what can I teach indoors that can be applied outdoors.

The course covers:

  • Technique coaching on easy boulder problems
  • Accuracy and precision in footwork
  • Finding and developing hands off rest
  • What routes loan themselves to being like outdoor routes
  • Problems solving on easy bounder problems
  • Rest-clip-think-climb…
  • Tactics and putting it all together
  • Abseiling set-ups
  • Rigging belays
  • Placing gear


    Cost: £125

    Duration: 1 days

    Experience: Membership of AMI and climbing at least VS

    Dates for 1 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

    To book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date email us here.
    ...or call us on 01286650217